The College of Business Mentoring Program connects current business students to successful alumni and friends in a variety of industries and professions.

How does it work?

Each semester, interested students complete a short application to be paired with a mentor. One paired connect for at least 30 minutes weekly via phone, email, Skype, and/or in person (proximity permitting) over the course of seven (or eight) weeks during the semester. Mentees are sent weekly topics of discussion to review with their mentor. Each topic focuses on a specific area such as industry happenings, networking, and career prep.

Our program is structured with mentor/mentee pairs being hand-selected based on a variety of factors such as major, career field, and professional interests. Each participating student is required to attend a pre-program orientation to review proper mentorship etiquette and program expectations. After attending orientation, mentees will be put in contact with a mentor to begin the program.

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