The College of Business Mentoring Program connects business students to mentors who are successful alumni and friends of the college. Mentors provide students with guidance and support to help them successfully transition into professional roles in the workforce.

Each semester, students complete a short application to be paired with a mentor. A matching algorithm is then run within the system to ensure the best mentor match on a variety of factors including (but not limited to) major, intended career field, ideal living location, and professional interests.

Once paired, mentors and mentees are asked to connect for at least 30 minutes weekly via phone, email, videoconferencing, and/or in person (proximity permitting) throughout the semester. Suggested topics of discussion are presented to participants in the form of a Milestone which can then be checked off when discussed. Each topic focuses on an important part of a professional life including networking, work-life balance, and career prep.

At the end of the semester both the mentor and mentee will provide feedback on their experience.

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