1. What is the time commitment? The time commitment for mentoring relationships varies. The ProfessioNole Mentoring Program is designed to provide you with a mentoring database that you can engage in brief, “flash” mentoring relationships. Once you have established guidelines and expectations with your ProfessioNole Mentor, your relationship may last several semesters or you may have just have one impactful conversation.

  2. What if I have a troubling conversation with a ProfessioNole Mentor or encounter an issue? In the system, you can click on the more drop down near the related Mentor and choose “Contact Admin”. Additionally, you can reach out to ProfessioNoleMentors@fsu.edu and a FSU Career Center staff member will follow up with you.

  3. What do I talk about with my ProfessioNole Mentor? Start by sharing your goals and your interest in learning from your Mentor and be specific in the type of advice or guidance you are looking for. Our ProfessioNole Mentors can discuss a variety of topics with you so utilize the filters within the database to find mentors that will be the best fit for your needs. Remember, to always keep your conversation professional and appropiate.

  4. What if the ProfessioNole Mentor cannot answer my question or help in the way I need? ProfessioNole Mentors are not expected to have all the answers or be the experts. The FSU Career Center is a valuable resource to assist students in their career and professional development. Please visit The Career Center in the Dunlap Success Center for career advising and further guidance.