What is the ProfessioNole Mentors Program?

The ProfessioNole Mentors Program provides you with the opportunity to connect with ProfessioNole Mentors to learn from, ask career related questions, and build your professional network. ProfessioNole Mentors are Alumni and friends of the University who are volunteering their time to share their career journey, advice and expertise with you. A ProfessioNole Mentor can provide academic and professional advice, help you build your professional knowledge, and provide insight into career paths you are interested in.

Our ProfessioNole Mentors Can Provide Advice On:

  • Building a Strong Resume
  • Industry Specific Careers
  • Professional Networking Tips
  • Job Searching
  • Going to Graduate School
  • Transitioning to a Young Professional
  • And More!
  • Benefits of Connecting with a ProfessioNole Mentor Include:

  • Gain in-depth knowledge about a specific industry or career field
  • Develop skills and confidence in cross-generational communication
  • Expand range of career prospects and strategies
  • Receive feedback on job and internship materials and personal brand
  • Build confidence and motivation to achieve goals
  • Learn how to navigate challenges and move forward professionally
  • Have regular opportunities to discuss career issues in a safe environment