1. Do I need to be an alumnus of FSU to register as a mentor?
  2. No! Any friend of the University is welcome to register as a ProfessioNole Mentor.
  3. Is there a set-time frame for mentoring relationships?
  4. No, our flash-mentoring model allows ProfessioNole Mentors and Student Mentees to engage in one-time chats with the option to develop into longer-term connections if both parties would like to continue the professional development conversation.
  5. Is there an expectation that I will need to meet with my Student Mentee(s) in person?
  6. ProfessioNole Mentors are not expected to meet with their Student Mentee in person. Alumni and friends of the University nationwide are encouraged to participate, so we understand that in-person meetings may not be possible.
  7. What if I encounter an issue during a conversation with a Student Mentee?
  8. If you have a troubling encounter or conversation with a student, please reach out to the ProfessioNole Mentors Program Manager at professionolementors@fsu.edu and an FSU Career Center staff member will reach out to follow up.
  9. What if I don’t have the answer to a Student Mentee question?
  10. ProfessioNole Mentors are not expected to have all the answers or be the experts. The FSU Career Center is a valuable resource to assist students in their career and professional development. Please refer students to the Career Center for further help and guidance as they navigate their career paths.